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Obamacare has already created jobs

See here.

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I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

In other news, I estimate that my grocery trip yesterday saved or created at least 10 jobs. Awesome, isn't it?

Nancy and Michael, do you believe the organizing efforts on your side don't cost anything and employ no one?

Want to bet ObamaCare will create "information officer" positions for which these are entry-level jobs?

Is there any way small-government conservativism can compete with those political organizations that favor creating more taxpayer-funded jobs for their partisans?

So that's where the other $930 billion of the stimulus plan is going. The "grassroots" can't grow without a little seed money,eh.

This will reduce unemployment by at least 1/100 of I% if done right.

I hope those jobs come with generous health insurance plans.

I'm hoping for a position on Obama's death panel.

"I hope those jobs come with generous health insurance plans"

Actually, the jobs are advertisements from a group called http://jobsthatmatter.org. It is owned by http://www.fundforthepublicinterest.org Go to guidestar.com and get their 990 form. They are loaded. They have a $40 million budget.

I've always wanted to be a government parasite, or at least slither along the edges.
Crass I know, but just to have the dark thrill, a sort of Weimar Republic cast off of everything the Sisters of Charity tried to beat into our heads.

I know I'll feel guilty in the morning but it won't be the first time, and hell, Obama is cosmic, the very apotheosis of hope and deficits.

could someone explain what is the whole issue with the new healtcare issue? Or is there a post on here that explains it in detail.
I have to write a paper for class about the topic and I don't know too much about it.
Thanks alot!

cast off of everything the Sisters of Charity tried to beat into our heads.

I fear you have succeeded more than know.

KEVIN, Hi, see you soon.
No one attacked you but you couldn't resist could you? A true Christian.

Kevin, I have rethought the matter.
As Charity is one of the Virtues and as I appear to be the more magnanimous, let it be said that I forgive you your trespass of last night.
I think I understand the torment and conflict that rends your soul. I will pray for you that you may see the light.
In keeping with both my charity and magnanimity I will allow you the last word.

Having the last word is felt by some as a triumph and serves as a salve to one's inner turmoil, enjoy.

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