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Nancy Pelosi 2009 says Nancy Pelosi 2006 is un-American

Compare Pelosi 2006 with Pelosi 2009.

Courtesy of Red State:

So disruptions and outbursts interrupt Pelosi discussing National Security to a San Fran crowd, and not only does she encourage them, she specifically calls their disruption “very American” and claims she’s “a fan” of disruptors.

You got that, mob? If you’re a SanFranLib screaming BushLied™!1!1!1!!!!!1! then you are THE BOMB. But if you are a concerned senior citizen telling Snarlin’ Arlen to stuff it you may be STRAPPED TO A BOMB!!!!!

Keep fighting. Don’t let them shut you down.

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Funny the mainstream media hasn't picked this up :), Pelosi seems to be a master of doublespeak.

The MSM don't dwell on Pelosi because she's an embarrassment to their cause and they know it.

Really Mike ? I thought Pelosi would be the MSM's poster girl, I mean she's part of the personally opposed but crowd ( I wonder how she'll try and spin her way past St Peter with that one), did that trip to syria in 07, was keen on the bailouts and opposed offshore drilling. Or did you mean that like Biden she's prone to gaffes ?


I believe Dr. Liccione was alluding to the MSM as generally advocates for the liberal cause; therefore, a sorry liberal exponent such as Pelosi would ultimately prove fatal in their apparent crusade to advance liberalism, pure and simple; of course, the aforementioned is obviously subject to correction by Dr. Liccione himself, especially should that not be the case at all.

Pelosi acts and speaks this way because the purpose of politics and its sole moral rule is 'punish your enemies and reward your friends.' Everything is done or said with that in mind. Spoken invocation of any other morality is pretense; a shame to fool the dupes and let them feel good about themselves.

Of course her words and deeds are hypocritical by standards of humane and decent people. Concepts of justice, fairness, respect are empty words, or rather, adopt political meanings in her, um, 'mind:' "justice" rewards her friends and punishes her enemies; "fairness" means she gets what she wants and her enemies are denied what they want.....


tehag, have you been reading Machiavelli again?

Presumably, even someone like Pelosi, who would want to "reward her friends", would have some friends to reward. What would distinguish people who would be "friends" (I use the quotation marks advisedly) with a Pelosi whose only political goal is to reward friends and discommode enemies? Presumably, something more specific than "we have and they want what's ours", or "they have and WE want it." Whatever it is - socialism, eugenics, eco-freakiness, etc, - there would be SOMETHING that they would be happy accomplishing in addition to feathering their nests. Without that SOMETHING, nothing could establish political friendship that is distinct from either having or not having power. But someone who is not in power does not want to get power and share it with everyone who is currently out of power. Even having Machiavellian standards of political methods does not preclude having a vision of law that one thinks is good thing to have in general.

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