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The wife and me on our wedding day, 1987

In January 2010 my parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. And at the end of this month my wife's mother will be celebrating her 85th birthday. So, Frankie (my wife) has been turning old photos into electronic ones so that we can put together some home made slides and iMovies for our parents. (So far Frankie has put together an incredible video slide-show for her mother, with wonderful music. My wife is truly amazing).

One of the pictures we scanned was the one below. It was taken on July 11, 1987 (coincidentally,the Feast of St. Benedict) at the top of the Dunes Hotel & Casino, where we had our wedding reception. It was one of the last photos taken that evening. It's such a great photo I just had to share it with the WWWtW crowd.


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correct your grammar, Frank.
It should read "the wife and me"

[FJB to FRDB: It's changed, smart alec.]

That's a truly lovely Kodak moment. Such a handsome, _sweet_ couple! What a keepsake!

Now, Frank, if only you'd reconsider your anti-ID judgment....

God's blessing and _many_ happy returns to Mrs. Beckwith's mother on her birthday and to the Beckwiths senior on their Golden Anniversary!


It is a lovely photo, you are both very beautiful people and the backdrop is pretty spectacular too.

Congratulations on your many years of marriage, your parents have obviously set a great example with their 50 years. All the best with your coming celebrations.

What a lovely "What's RIGHT With the World" post! Thanks for sharing, and blessings to you all.

You guys look great :) And congratulations to your parents, as well.

What's remarkably memorable about this photo is not only the Beckwiths' special event but the fact that the background features Franky's (Ole Blue Eye's) Vegas (or relatively close to it), which now has sadly become nothing more than the Whore of Babylon, subsequently layered with tremendous heaps of colossal monstrosities that are more an eyesore than anything else.

Aristocles, nice insight. It was about two years later that the first of the New Vegas monstrosities made its appearance, the Mirage. That was followed by Excalibar, the new MGM, New York, New York, etc., etc.

As you know, the Dunes, on which the picture was taken, was demolished in 1993 and replaced by the Bellagio. Here's a film of the Dunes demolition:


Dr. Beckwith,

You & your wife are remarkably fortunate; not only because of the personal special memory this photo obviously holds for the both of you given that very special event, but an extra plus being the other historic quality that very photo itself evinces given the immediate background.

Here's to many more years to both you & your wife (hopefully, in front of another landscape as memorably special as this one to suit the moment)!

Frankie looks gorgeous!

That was a good evening, I remember it well! Many more years for you guys!

Viva Las Vegas! Don't you miss it! *snort* Yeah...Tom and I feel the same way...

Beautiful picture of you two, and knowing you both, We am praising God for giving you so many happy years together.

Kris and Tom Korth

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