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With all this debate about the Joker-Obama poster, it reminded me of that amazing 1983 Bob Dylan song and video, Jokerman. Enjoy:

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I love the whole album Infidels, Francis, with Mick Taylor and Mark Knopler trading licks behind Dylan's rhythm guitar and vocals. Great lyrics and delivery throughout.

Once again I'm left wondering how that guy ever sold an album.

Once again I'm left wondering how that guy ever sold an album.

As they say on the internets, "Wut?"

This is not the Dylan that I 'knew'..something in the words and style was different..
checked his bio--I didn't know he had gone through a 'born again' experience...and...here in Reseda CA..
the art and reference to our BEST (our soldiers) was thought provoking...Thank You..
wish they allowed an embed via YouTube..

I love this song, have studied the lyrics (there's even a web page devoted to deciphering them) and have come to the conclusion that they are muddle of words like so many of Bob's lyrics that sound like they make sense as they're passing by, but on reflection add up to images and ideas with no coherent vision.

Speaking of jokerman, they already have SHIRTS for that now. sheesh, people don't waste any time...


Can you believe this video used to be shown on MTV in its early days?

Can you believe this video used to be shown on MTV in its early days?

I remember. I also remember this one:


Hmm, the lyrics have always seemed straightforward, what's not to understand?

Bob Dylan the greatest songwriter of all time. The lyrics on Jokerman are brilliant!

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