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If Michael Vick were to comment on Brett Favre's Vikings' debut

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks."

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now for something completely out of subject: A question for Dr Beckwith. In Defending Life, you claim that all abortions are killing of the unborn...however Boonin and Walter Block have both tried to argue (not very convincingly, though one has to admire the casuistic effort) that some abortions are only cases of evictions followed by "letting die"....what is your response to such a charge?
( personally I don't think that the argument holds water since by Philipa Foot's definition of causation, A has caused B's death if, by acting in a particular way, A has put B in a situation of mortal danger in which B was not before. Thus A still kills B. Now the opponents of such a theory of causation may appeal to preexisting conditions but that line of thinking has its own limitation : while its true that the woman in Thompson's argument might not be causing the death of the violinist since the violinist infact succumbs to an ailment that existed before him being connected that is not the case in other situations. Hence, if you throw an unauthorised passenger off your plane at an altitude of 10 000m without a parachute, the preexisting condition that the passenger can't fly is laughable since it is an unjust and unreal expectation. )

...And Plaxico Burress would say, "don't go shooting yourself in the foot..."

"Oh no he didn't."

"Oh yes he did."

MarkL --

This is at least the second, near identical post I've noticed, off-topic in one of Dr. Beckwith's threads trying to direct the discussion elsewhere. If you wish to take issue with something he's posted or written in another venue, you've many other options to choose to accomplish that. If you continue this particular behavior, you will no longer have the ability to continue that behavior on this site.

-- the management

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