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Atheist Summer Camp

No singing Kumbya around the campfire, I suspect. Can't be any worse than the Ayn Rand School for Tots.

I guess this is atheism's answer to places like Summit Ministries, Wheatstone Academy, Franciscan University's Youth Outreach, and the forthcoming Augustine Institute College Student Summit.

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Don't forget the Envoy institute's summer conference in the states and the Evangelium conference and Faith movement here in the UK.

BTW who wants to bet that some version of nominalism, scientism, positivism, relitavism or conceptulism is being plugged at camp quest UK ?

I can see a connection between scientism and positivism. If I stretch in the right sort of way, I can almost get relativism in there too. But, why nominalism and conceptualism?


I put them in there as I'm sure they'll have has someone talk to the kids about how homosexuality is 'normal' and that there are no 'right' views on sexuality and how anyone who claims that there is a universal morality is 'projecting' views onto other people. Also I forgot to toss nihlism in, after all in a couple of billion years the Universe will enter heat-death and all of our achievements will have been for nothing (athiests are a depressing bunch)

"Also I forgot to toss nihlism in, after all in a couple of billion years the Universe will enter heat-death and all of our achievements will have been for nothing"
Here are few quotes for you,one from the evolutionary standpoint:
"50,000 years is the mirror date to a fantastic moment in the evolution of Man
And it is a time span that will give our treasures a true archeological value, because most, if not all, traces of our existence today will have disappeared by then"

another from theologian:
"Yet, what hope is there in a progeny ten thousand years from now when the present society will be nothing more than the fantasies of archeologists and paleontologists"

and from SciFi writer Arthur Clarke
"All the works of man on his own world are ephemeral, seen from the viewpoint of geological time"

Don't you see something in common here?On the pretty short duration of time(geologically speaking) all traces of ours will be lost/become unrecognizable.And on SUCH timescales any major cosmic event is not expected...
By the way,the heat death is scheduled to happen in TRILLIONS of years,not "in a couple of billion years"
I wonder what kind of your trace you would expect to exist by then(nost likely - none,see above quotes)

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