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Virtual Library of Christian Philosophy

Just found this nice collection of papers by some well-known contemporary Christian philosophers. It can be found on the Calvin College website here. There is some great stuff on this site by Alvin Plantinga, Keith DeRose, Nicholas Wolterstorff , Peter Kreeft, Del Ratzsch, and many others.

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Gee, thanks, Frank. More wonderful things to read. Got any more time to offer me, too? :) (Seriously, thanks for the link. I especially enjoy Peter Kreeft's writing.)

There's a ton of great stuff on the web...I just came across Alfred Freddoso's site the other day, too. He has notes on a lot of the works of Thomas Aquinas, for example, under his course listings, and we had to read his paper on Omnipotence for Philosophy of Religion at BIOLA.

You probably hung out with Dr. Freddoso at Notre Dame, Frank, didn't you? I'm jealous...




Is he still pushing his line that Catholics and Christians need to ally themselves with muslims? I do hope that 9/11 detonated his little fantasies, he can't possibly be still pushing that nonsense.

Freddoso is terrific, Steve T. Since one of my pet causes is the revival of Scholastic accounts of causation, let me recommend Freddoso's Introduction to the edition he edited of Suarez's On Creation, Conservation, and Concurrence, published by St. Augustine's Press. It is itself the size of a short book and by itself it is worth the price of admission.

Hmmm, I saw 4 Plantiga's and no Beckwith, what's up with that?

[I'm an average philosopher - FJB]

[I'm an average philosopher - FJB]

Humble too!

A friend translated the Latin inscription on the archway;
"You find formulae, not the Face of God here."

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