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L.A. County suggests interesting idea: unemployed parents should care for their own children

From the Los Angeles Times, and not the Onion:

With steep state budget cuts under debate in Sacramento, Los Angeles County supervisors voted Tuesday to push for changes to CalWorks and other government aid programs they said would save nearly $270 million.

Included in their suggestions is a novel proposal: Put unemployed parents to work caring for their own children.

Read the whole thing here.

Oddly enough, one wonders, given our culture's Cartesian skepticism on the nature of marriage and family, and its immodest certainty about other maters, how anyone could know who their own children are. Clearly, it can't be because of genetics, since that would be unjust discrimination based on race: affording free shelter and food to someone because they happen to come from the same "people" or "stock" would be declared "racist" in virtually every other context. And it can't be because the state says they are your children, since the state itself would have to have criteria to make that judgment, and that criteria can't include "genetics," "tradition," "common sense," or the unity of husband of wife and their natural moral responsibility for the progeny that springs from that union, since such notions, as we are told by our intellectual masters, are mere bigotries of the uncouth and unenlightened. And thus they are on-par with the most vulgar injustices in the history of mankind. Moreover, the fact a man would give preference to his own genetic progeny rather than those of strangers, and that the state provides an imprimatur and encouragement (and sometimes funding) to that arrangement, seems to violate equal protection against orphans, the "children" of negligent "parents," and those other children for whom he was not the paternal cause and yet require his assistance and resources

So, I have two questions: Do you really know who your parents are? And do you really know who your children are? And if you answer yes to both, what would be the ground of that judgment?

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Do you really know who your parents are?
Brace yourself for the answer.

Your parents, on the present liberal view, appear to be nominalistically defined by law--whatever the present state of law is. No natural answers, as you say, are possible.

Of course I know who my parents are. It's whoever I want them to be. Nothing can impinge upon my inanimate-material-sacred space of emergent-property-selfdom, not even infallible material causation.

Frank, I've been a little disappointed in my dad, and I've alway wanted to be related to an apologist...congratulations!

And do you really know who your children are?

Yes, unless my wife's been uncannily astute in scheduling her extramarital trysts...

I'm just waiting for the Outraged! assertions that since It's Just Obvious! one doesn't have to address the arguments demonstrating incoherence.

When one is constantly "rediscovering", "reinventing", having "epiphanies", and "liberating" oneself how can you know your children when you yourself are a jumble?

This raises new takes on the question of identity and the self, not the least of which is, why the avoidance of self knowledge, of a rootedness in Being.

The question seems to be "How do you know what your obligations to your children/parents should be?" rather than literally "Who are your children or parents?" Tests can easily answer the latter question, and the brute fact of biological relation doesn't have any moral content on its own.

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