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My sister Elizabeth's forthcoming book, Raising the Perfect Child Through Guilt and Manipulation

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My sister, Elizabeth Beckwith, is publishing a book this Fall with Harper Collins, Raising the Perfect Child Through Guilt and Manipulation. Above is a picture of her and the book's cover, which has just appeared online at Amazon.com, which includes this blurb about her:

About the Author

Stand-up comedian and actress Elizabeth Beckwith was one of the seven comics featured in a TIME magazine article entitled, "Funny: The Next Generation." TIME writer Joel Stein wrote that Elizabeth "seems like Jenna Elfman if Jenna Elfman were funny." And in 2001 she was chosen as one of Variety's "Ten Comics to Watch." She's made numerous stand-up appearances on The Late, Late Show, and, in addition to her stand up, she's been on CBS's The Ladies' Man and HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm. Elizabeth's comedic talent transcends any one medium: she's an excellent stand-up comic, a great actress, and a hilarious writer.

Comments (9)

Is this her? Three minutes in?


Looks like her. Funny gal!

Yes, that is her!


So I guess the brains & the beauty in the family both came in the same package!


Judging from the latest comment made by Steve and the fact that he went so far as to hunt down Liz's You Tube clip, it seems that Steve's quite smitten over Frank's sister (in which case, perhaps a hook-up?).

Well, either that or Steve's some serious virtual stalker! ;^)

I guess I'm not able to resist the temptation to remark about the good looks having gone sis' way mostly because I wanted to segue and mention that I have a friend that is such a stark resemblance to Frank that he could be a serious double-he's shorter though. If there was a way to post the picture of my friend Mario, I would [with his permission of course] just for the fun of it.

My sister is married, fellas! :-)

Next step, "Dancing With the Stars." Frank, run the idea by her a few times.

I am definately going to add this book to my wish list. If she got her humour from the same genes as you Frank it should be a good read.

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