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The Religious Beliefs of Superheroes

Given the trajectory of the discussion at my entry on Batwoman, I thought it would be nice to draw to our readers' attention a website that lists the religions of superheroes. You can find it here. Sadly, I must report to aristocles that Barbara "Babs" Gordon is not Catholic, but Buddhist. The X-President Superhero, Jimmy Carter, is, you guessed it, a Baptist. (I think his Kryptonite is Kosher food).
X-President Jimmy Carter

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There's a D-list Catholic member of the Avengers known as Firebird who had some interesting exchanges with Thor a few years ago. Back in the 70's the Avengers were looking for a villain in a convent and Thor was noticeably uncomfortable as the nuns were giving him dirty looks.

Oddly enough, when I was still reading comics (and was still Episcopalian), it seems that most of my favorite heroes/anti-heroes were Catholic. Go figure.

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