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Student Sues, Claims Professor Called Him "Fascist Bastard."

You can read about it here.

Okay, I am going to play a card from the bottom of the liberal deck: this is a consequence of the climate of incivility and hate resulting from the post Prop-8 drive to intimidate and marginalize those that provided financial support for the cause. Once someone is targeted as an object of civic disappropriation, then others are led to believe that they can legitimately insult, defame, and/or physically harm that individual without any fear of retribution.

Ironically, if the context had been different, if the professor had merely discovered that the young man had been sired out of wedlock, the professor would have been reprimanded for calling him a "bastard," since such distinctions, offered by a state employee, having to do with the legitimacy of one's paternity violate "equal protection."

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Strange that the word fascist is used so frequently by people favoring central power, the limits of which are off the horizon. Hate seems to stunt both imagination and vocabulary. With liberals in Washington, the place of All Good Things, feeling their oats and talking up censorship, might we look forward to at least a more accurate use of this mainstay of liberal conversation.


A restriction on something they approve of is fascist. A restriction on something they disapprove of is progress. It all makes perfect sense to them.

Lawsuits are usually blunt instruments. In this case, the suit will guarantee faculty rally around the prof rather than take him aside and tell him to do his job and respect his students.

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