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Batwoman is a Red-Headed Lesbian


That is very troubling. I always thought she was a brunette.

Update for aristocles (Batgirl circa 1967, Yvonne Craig):

It looks like aristocles is right.

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There is no sexier Batwoman (or, rather, Batgirl?) than that one who appeared in the original television series; for that matter, nobody -- including Pfeiffer -- could match the sex appeal of even the dame who played the Catwoman then.

I shall hum 'one of these things is not like the other' all the way home.

Dr. Beckwith,

You've just demonstrated a rather superb taste in women!!!!


Found a better one that best reflects Yvonne's God-Given Beauty:

Nice Nightie by Yvonne Craig

That was then.

Too bad times have changed -- for the WORSE!

I know the readership here and some of the relatives in the those houses and that link should come with at least a slight warning, Aristocles.


I can hardly make out your comment, but if you were attempting to say something concerning what you seem to perceive as an indecent picture, I should point out that, for one, it was from a scene from a picture at the time and, second, it's hardly (even in the slightest) as scandalous as those lingerie models you typically find in a Victoria Secret or even Macy's commercial as well as those television shows you have on these days.

Last I checked, w4 was none of the following: Victoria's Secret catalog, a Macy's department store or any television show I may or may not have on. Next time you link a picture of someone in lingerie, just don't, or at least provide sufficient warning.

I'll translate my post: "I know, personally, some of the people that read and contribute here. I know who lives in the house with them. For those people, they need to know that link contains material unfit for my standards of what W4 publishes."

"For those people, they need to know that link contains material unfit for my standards of what W4 publishes."

I take it then that Elvis movies are off limits in your house.

For my 3 year old, yes.


You have my sincerest apologies.

Thank you, Todd. I didn't look at it, myself. Aristocles, listen to Todd. He's publishing the site, btw, in case you didn't know.

Not to be a picker of nits, but my inner comic geek is screaming at me to respond.

Batgirl and Batwoman are not and have never been the same character. I could explain in further than that, but it would take an essay that would be of little or no interest to most of the readers of WWwtW. Suffice it to say that lesbian Batwoman exists because of a mixture of 1) unoriginal thinking, 2) the need to keep a copyright alive and 3) political correctness.

And now that I've given obvious evidence to the hundreds of comic books stored under my parents' staircase and the inordinate number of times I read my local library's battered copy of Batman: From the 30's to the 70's as a boy, I bid you all adieu.


I think I may be a bigger comic book geek than you. I knew of the difference, but didn't think it was worth mentioning. But now that you've mentioned it, in the DC universe Batwoman predates Batgirl by some years. In fact, there was an original "Batgirl" that was not Barbara Gordon, a sort of Robin-like sidekick to Batwoman.

Also, the pre-60s Batman did not have a yellow oval behind the bat on his chest. DC eventually used this difference to claim that the pre-60s Batman was the Batman of Earth 2 not Earth 1. In fact, if I am not mistaken, in the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths DC universe, Batwoman was a resident of Earth 2. I could be wrong about that. But that's what I recall.

See, I'm a comic book geek also.


Frank, having already avoided humiliating myself by not admitting that I share your enthusiasm for 1941, I am now once again going to avoid humiliating myself by not admitting to knowing all that. Wouldn't know a thing about it. Also wouldn't know anything about Northstar probably being the first homosexual superhero, or about the 1950s character Rawhide Kid being rebooted Brokeback Mountain-style as a "gay cowboy" in recent years. Which is why I didn't throw all that in as relevant to the theme of this post. Because I've never heard of this stuff.

Oh, and Marvel kicks DC's @$$!

And two philosophers whose work I read and respect, and whose books share shelf-space in my library with a number of trade paperbacks - though they are not, of course, shelved in the same sections - demonstrate themselves to be knowledgeable about comics. I choose to interpret this fact in a favorable light. Now I must go read some Green Lanter... St. Thomas Aquinas.

Oh, and Marvel kicks DC's [...]
That's what I'm talking about. Not that I would admit to knowing pretty much nothing of what Brendon and Frank are talking about only because it is in the DC world not the Marvel world. I'd love to see Ed do an essay on the Aristotlean foundations of the Marvel universe. And throw in an episode of Luke Cage and Nightcrawler opening up a can of [elided] on Richard Dawkins teamed up with Magneto. 8^]

And throw in an episode of Luke Cage and Nightcrawler opening up a can of [elided] on Richard Dawkins teamed up with Magneto.

Do you realize who are Nightcrawler's parents? Azazel and Mystique.

Everyone knows that only two people can defeat Magneto - Xavier and Jean Grey/Phoenix. Furthermore I read that Dawkins once levitated out of his seat in indignation when biblical creation was mentioned as being true in a spiritual sense.

Yeah but Nightcrawler is Catholic ("here comes everybody!") and prays in Latin as he fights, so he's gotta be in. (Well, at least against the genocidal Magneto. For papists, Dawkins is more entertainment than super villain).

Personally, I think Catherine Zeta-Jones would have made a better catwoman than Michelle Pfeiffer.

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