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Fr. Neuhaus' note to me

Soon after my return to the Catholic Church became public in early May, 2007, I found in my email inbox a message from Fr. Richard John Neuhaus. Dated 7 May 2007, it reads:

Dear Frank Beckwith,

As you will appreciate, the metaphor is inescapable: Welcome back home.

Do such decisions complicate our conversations with evangelicals? No doubt. Complicate and enrich. Your decision and the admirable way in which you have explained it will be welcomed also by evangelicals who understand that we are all called to exemplify fidelity and courage as we conscientiously discern the course of fidelity and courage.

The intentions of you and your family will be remembered at the altar.

Yours in Christ and his Church,

Fr. Richard John Neuhaus

Lord, I was not worthy to receive that. Eternal Rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let Perpetual Peace shine upon him.

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That's a beautiful email. Thank you for sharing it. I'm missing Fr. Neuhaus too.

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