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The next love that dare not speak its name?

The legal expert gives almost a textbook circular argument. There's a Spiegel article on the case here.

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Clearly, the next great civil rights cause.

Why should the inherited, "powerful moral taboos" of less-Enlightened ages deny consenting adults the same equal protection and rights afforded other groups? Incestous couples are able to have fecund sex and form natural families. The train of progress towards total equality and freedom should have stopped at Incest first, and then proceeded to Gay marriage. Let the California Supreme Court remedy this gross oversight immediately and, please whatever we do, be sure not to allow the bigots and fundamentalists a vote on a matter, that is truly a family affair.

The problem with this embedded video, just in case no one has noticed, are the links sitting underneath.

Just another of those What is Wrong with the World as is an literal interpretation of Adam and Eve.

At Youtube, there's a "customize" button next to the embed code which allows you to turn off related links, an option Frank REALLY SHOULD take advantage of, since in this case the links are filthy.

Rick Sanctorum smiles...then weeps.

Not even comparable.

Of course the law is discriminatory! How else can we live, if we do not make distinctions? I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir, but the transformation of "discrimination" into a four-letter word is troubling.

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