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CT: Evangelical Theological Society Votes Not to Amend

This just appeared on the Christianity Today blog: "The effort failed at today's ETS business meeting, I'm told, by at least a 2-to-1 margin, with the executive committee unanimously opposing the amendment." Read the whole entry here.

You can learn more about the amendment here.

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As a former ETS member, I think they chose wisely when they rejected the move to amplify their doctrinal statement. I left ETS precisely because it had become an inquisitorial society, not a theological society. It was constantly at war with its own membership rolls. So, this decision moves them back in the direction of a more sensible evangelical inclusiveness by keeping the heresy hunters at bay. It refuses to give them the tools of arrogant exclusion they wished to have.

If ETS gets any more sensible, I might re-join -- might.

I could put it differently: Even though I am a convinced Protestant, I believe that Erasmus is the greatest theologian the church ever produced, and for many reasons. Here's but one: along with him, I prefer those who define things too little to those who define them too much. The theological humility appropriate to our fallen condition requires of us precisely that broadness of love and of understanding. It's just too easy to be wrong. That ease of error means that it is unwise to spell out the answers to difficult issues in the enormous and overly precise detail that so many of us arrogantly proffer.

I like this post by Prof. Bauman.

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