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Obama and the Catholic Vote: read that memo that should be in every church bulletin this Sunday

Just received this. Before voting next Tuesday, Catholics should take this very seriously:

Catholics Urged to Consider Obama Record Weekend Before Election Urgent Memo Released to Catholics Nationwide

CHICAGO – CatholicVote.com has released an urgent national memo addressed to all American Catholics urging them to consider the record of Sen. Barack Obama as they head toward the final weekend before the Election Day. The memo outlines a series of statements and facts taken from Obama’s public record dealing with the issues of life and marriage.

This Sunday thousands of Catholic parishes across the country are expected to address the importance of voting, and the moral responsibilities of Catholics to defend and protect human life and marriage. The memo is intended to assist Catholic priests and the laity as they preach on and discuss the issues involved in the coming election.

Brian Burch, President of CatholicVote.com commented, “The protection of innocent human life and the institution of marriage are of fundamental concern, and Catholics deserve to know exactly where each of the candidates stand on these issues. We encourage every Catholic to distribute our memo throughout their dioceses and particularly to their local pastor or priest.”

The memo released today has been distributed directly to priests, pastors and the national network of CatholicVote.com members.

CatholicVote.com has received national attention for its 3:30 minute voter education film. The film has recorded over 3.1 million viewers since its launch in early September. According to Quantcast.com, CatholicVote.com now ranks #719 among all major websites, and is now more popular than websites such as United.com and Ford.com.

“As a result of the success of our film, we have been registering thousands of new members every day willing to assist in voter education and outreach. We are mobilizing these members to distribute today’s memo,” said Burch.

The memo is intended as a summary of facts from the public record of Sen. Obama relevant to the issues of life and marriage. The memo does not advocate voting for or against any candidate.

To download a copy of the memo, visit: http://www.scribd.com/doc/7606214/Barack-Obama-on-the-Issues-of-Importance-to-Catholics

CatholicVote.com is a project of the Fidelis Center for Law & Policy.


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Has anybody here even considered distributing this to the wonderful folks at Vox Nova?

Indeed, this is the endeavor that folks should've embarked on in the first place here & elsewhere rather than engaging in Anti-McCain campaigns that only contribute to Obama winning, no matter how folks have deluded themselves in thinking such campaigns don't.

At any rate, the deed is done; Obama will win regardless & the Democratic Senate Majority is just as likely.

aristocles, it's not over till it's over. I hope are still planning on voting, your apparent lack of hope notwithstanding.

By all means put it in Church bulletins. At the very least we will get to see people make funny noises that avoid the content and merely bleat, "IRS violation!" Truth--you can try to tax it, but you can't make it go away.


Thanks for keeping hope alive within you, Albert.

However, it seems irrespective of what we do, the reality is such that:

Obama leads or tied in 8 crucial states

Less than a week before Election Day, the AP-GfK polls show Obama winning among early voters, favored on almost every issue, benefiting from the country's sour mood and widely viewed as the winning candidate by voters in eight crucial states — Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

We'll just have to pray that somehow, even if Obama wins, Divine Providence will prevail in the end in spite of his horrendous Pro-abort extremism.

It seems Anti-McCain campaigns as the ones conducted here have done their job; the victor now is Obama.

In the end, we deserve the fate we've helped to seal. It's just unfortunate the innocents who have nothing to do with us will suffer as the result as hardly anybody doubts the Enlargement of the Holocaust that is to come.

The gates of heaven are lightly locked,
We do not guard our gold.
Men may uproot where worlds begin,
Or read the name of the nameless sin,
But if he lose or if he win,
To no good man is told.

Even dq3 voter Mark Shea thinks something stinks in the pre-emptive declaration of Obama victory: "I still think this race is to close to call, and I think the behavior of the media suggests strongly that they are afraid McCain could still win it. The Naked Agitprop Mode of the MSM may actually be a sign of fear, not triumph."

"...the behavior of the media suggests..."

What is truy repugnant is the subliminal seduction behind the "Bradley Effect" meme; "prove you're not a racist - vote for Obama."

Should McCain win, it will be due in part to a backlash against this toxic combo of mass manipulation and white guilt. By unleashing this strategy, the media complex has given 50% of the country reason to view a McCain Presidency as illegitimate. Poisoning race relations in the pursuit of power, nice work from a criminally cynical Fourth Estate.

What's interesting is that attacks on Palin is even hardly regarded in similar vein as an attack on women.

Speaking of Palin, there seems to be a person (or group of persons) in California who wants her hanged. I agree with the commentator: imagine if this were Obama -- what incredible outpouring of public outrage would have resulted had it been yours truly.

Instead, what do we have in her case? Not even a whimper...


More than one way to kill.

A political candidate’s position on abortion has become the de facto litmus test of morality, and of respect for life. However, the data show that economic policies, health care and many other issues may be just as deadly. Consider the matter of health care. For a study of life expectancy in the United States published in PLoS Medicine in 2006, Harvard Professor Christopher Murray analyzed 8 years of census and health statistics data. He found an astonishing 35 year gap - in life expectancy based on county of residence, income, and other social factors. In my home county, Fairfax Virginia, life expectancy is among the top ten in the US ­ about 81 years. Life expectancy in counties at the bottom is only 46 years, shorter than that in many developing countries! This isn’t a new finding - many other studies reported similar results. There are several reasons for such early death, but socioeconomic status and access to health care are the heavyweights. Thus, health care in particular and many other policy differences between the political parties can have as profound an influence on life as abortion. Clearly, the moral justification for voting cannot be based on a single issue.

As a Catholic, I am opposed to abortion and efforts to reduce abortions must continue. However, the pro-life concept must encompass all causes of death, not only abortion. The positions the Democratic Party has held with respect to universal health care, taxation, unemployment, war and torture, all of which have life-or-death consequences, are more consistently pro-life than those of the Republicans. My conscience requires that I vote for Barack Obama, and I will do so with great enthusiasm and hope.

Peter Kaufmann, Ph.D.
Past President, Society of Behavioral Medicine
Secretary, International Society of Behavioral Medicine
The views expressed above are not necessarily those of the SBM or ISBM.

Clearly, the moral justification for voting cannot be based on a single issue. ,/i>

That seems clearly false based upon magisterial authority.

Blessed Pope John XXIII teaches, in Mater et Magistra, that, "individual human beings are the foundation, the cause and the end of every social institution" (219). The legality of abortion is a direct assault on the foundation and purpose of the political community itself. The rule of law and the common good are meaningless concepts if innocent human beings are allowed to be legally murdered.

This teaching is reaffirmed and made even more explicit in Servant of God Pope John Paul II’s encyclical Evangelium Vitae: "Disregard for the right to life, precisely because it leads to the killing of the person whom society exists to serve, is what most directly conflicts with the possibility of achieving the common good" (72). One cannot truly work towards the common good by ignoring the legality of abortion. The legality of abortion necessarily undermines the common good.

A candidate who runs on a pro-abortion platform essentially states that he will not work towards the purpose of government, i.e. the common good. He renders his administration incapable of benefiting the common good in any way except accidentally. This is because the very nature his administration's position attacks the common good by enabling the legal attack on the lives of the unborn.

Professor Kaufmann:

As recent Catholic, I had no idea that the Catholic Church determined that intrinsically evil acts are judged by examining statistics on apparent correlations between policies and consequences. In that case, Roe v. Wade was a real boon for the prolife movement, since it resulted in the birth of fewer girls who could have had abortions when they entered their child-bearing years. Roe v. Wade reduces abortions! Who knew? :-)


The positions the Democratic Party has held with respect to universal health care, taxation, unemployment, war and torture, all of which have life-or-death consequences, are more consistently pro-life than those of the Republicans.

Universal healthcare, taxation and Democrat economic policies in general, call for greater dependence on the State. A position no more in accord with Catholic social teaching than Republican policies that leave the person completely vulnerable to the impersonal and morally dubious practices of the Corporation.
Subsidiarity and solidarity? Try serfdom.

Torture; advantage Democrats, at least from their current seat in the bleachers. Hard to believe an Administration that condones Partial Birth Abortion is going to fuss over renditions of suspected political killers too much, isn't it?

War; Obama got Iraq right and has been living off it ever since. He has made it clear he will serve in the tradition of Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman, Johnson and Clinton; lots of reckless interventions in the pursuit of exporting "enlightened values". Hardly in conformance with the Church's call to place moral and prudent limits on the exercise of force in the affairs of state.

Abortion & Euthanasia; After his ghastly antics in the Illinois State Senate, Obama might as well have defended Josef Mengele in a Court of law. Supporting McCain is a painful compromise. Supporting Obama is a grotesque capitulation.

If ideology takes precedence over faith, say so. But please don't assert Democrats are "more consistently pro-life" without so much as a pretense to an argument.

Nice work, Kevin. It's not clear that Obama opposed the Iraq war because he thought it was unjust. If I remember correctly, he announced his opposition while he was a member of the Illinois state senate while addressing an anti-war rally. That is, he made this announcement before people who oppose traditional just war theory. So, ironically, it is possible that Obama's opposition to the Iraq war, though it aligns with the conclusions of some Catholics, is not the result of just war thinking at all. And if that is the case, then that counts against, not for, Obama. After all, why would a Catholic, who ought to believe in just war theory, vote for someone who sees absence of war rather than justice as the government's default position.

You are quite right. I saw footage of Obama's speech before an audience not immune to self-loathing or disdain for their own country. It was crafted to gather far Left foot soldiers, while maintaining his viability with mainstream voters. He has been able to straddle both worlds rather adeptly with the aid of a fawning media.

Reality's curtain will lift soon enough. And when it does, expect many of his Catholic supporters to deliver garment-rending, "how were we to know?" mea culpas, in what will prove to be the performance of their lives. Perhaps, Peter Kaufman can join Doug Kmiec in a dress-rehearsal now.

A political candidate’s position on abortion has become the de facto litmus test of morality, and of respect for life.

As far as litmus tests go, it's a pretty damn good one. You do recall the purpose of a litmus test from chemistry class - to see if certain elements are present.

As for war, Obama may be an anti-Iraq candidate (my guess would be out of political expedience), but he gives no indication that he would not engage in wars of choice if it suited his idealogical preference.

Dear Frank,

You are correct that data and statistics should not be used to make decisions about the intrinsic morality of specific acts. However, they can and should be used to evaluate and devise strategies for achieving the objective. I submit that virtually no progress has been made during the 25 years since Roe v Wade. In spite of years of promises, the Republican Party has not been able to bring about any results. I can only conclude that they have exploited the Pro-Life movement to garner votes, knowing full well that bringing about results is easier said than done...and that they can always claim that they did try.

Thus, in addition to holding strong beliefs and adhering to moral principles, we must re-examine the assumption that the Republican Party's candidates will bring about change. A part of that mix includes considering whether, from a moral perspective, all other issues of life and death should be abandoned because while we focus solely on abortion?

Peter Kaufmann

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