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Political Christology?

On CNN, Paul Begala just called Barack Obama "Change Incarnate." What's next? A Chalcedonian formulation of Obama's two natures?


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Let's be fair when manning the Heresy Watch. Liberals substituted ideology for religion long ago, but conservatives are closing the gap.
Thompson's intro after the McCain video was a Resurrection narrative about McCain rising from a box. I was relieved McCain didn't ascend to the stage in a white suit.

Most disturbing on another level, was the part in the video discussing Commander John S. McCain's decision to "carpet bomb" Hanoi, while his son was held captive there. Carpet bombing a city. Only a prig would call that barbaric.

Your comment about the Chalcedonian Obama is interesting. But it raises a question: Can a thing have two natures if it has no substance?


You nominalist you! :-)


Kevin--can you post a citation on Adm McCain's carpet bombing of Hanoi? Or suggest a place to go for more info?

Keith, it is within the narrative of the vidoe introducing McCain last night;

I think they're Obamaphysites. His human nature was dissolved like a drop of honey in the sea. All that is left is Change.

Thompson's intro after the McCain video was a Resurrection narrative about McCain rising from a box. I was relieved McCain didn't ascend to the stage in a white suit.
No kidding. IN that segment when Thompson was detailing McCain's torture, I thought he was on the verge of quoting Isaiah 53:5.

I think it behooves an investigation into whether Obama has one will or two. Obamaphysitism may very well be compounded (but necessarily so) with Monobamathelitism.

But what I want to know is how exactly did Evolution overshadow St. Ann Dunham while not impeding in the natural biological process involving Mssr. Obama Sr.? One certainly doesn't want to run the risk of the postmodern equivalent of Nestorianism, does one?

He already has two natures, --------------------- id est Mohammadenism and Christianity.

Because his Christianity, his black supremacism, is so freighted with heresy, as to be "Christian" in name only.

Did you guys notice at his convention that no close friends, no friends for that matter, were introduced to tell us what they knew first hand about Barrack Hussein.

No friends.

Isn't that interesting.

"No friends."

Niccolo Machiavelli approves.

So do the muslims!

For friendship with the infidels is barred.

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