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A Fatwa Against Mickey Mouse

This just in:

Maybe Islamic cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid is just more of a Bugs Bunny sort of guy? In an interview with Al-Majd Television the sheikh, a former diplomat who once served in the Saudi embassy in Washington, condemned cartoons that endear rodents to their viewers.

Islamic law, he said, sees the mouse as "a repulsive, corrupting creature" while children today see mice as loveable and "awesome" because of animated shows like Tom and Jerry, and Disney staple Mickey Mouse.

"Mickey Mouse has become an awesome character, even though according to Islamic law, Mickey Mouse should be killed in all cases," Al-Munajid tells the interviewer.

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God help Pluto and Goofy - and is there any hope left at all for our poor Minnie?

Minnie now wears a burka.

Porky never stood a chance.

People like him should be sent to a mental hospital, he has gone crazy. I am also a Muslim and I love cartoons and I still watch them if I get time.
These people have nothing to do in this world, instead of giving a fatwa on helping poor, feeding hungry, world peace etc. he is worried about cartoon characters.

Anyone up for sending him a terrier or dachshund for the sake of irony?

Talmud Sofrim 15:10
R. Shimon ben Yochai taught: Kill [even] the good among the gentiles.
Wow, isn't that like mass genocide???

Take anything out of context and you can make a laughing stock of anyone over anything.

In typical Islam-bashing media frenzy, no one actually bothered to actually notice he was LAUGHING when he said this (yes, it was a video clip). He was indeed talking about rodents and their disgusting traits, and that in his opinion, using what in normal human nature is considered to be filthy and undesirable, as a wildly popular protagonist in children's cartoons, is not the most appropriate choice. Then he said jokingly, in fact, since Mickey Mouse basically is a rodent, and rodents should be exterminated, that in fact Mickey should be exterminated.

He LAUGHED while saying it, get it? Doesn't matter whether you like it or not, but presenting this as some kind of scholarly fatwa to search out and behead a cartoon character just reflects the simple-minded blind media stupidity that the average person is ready to consume and regurgitate blindly.

And of course since it is about Islam or Muslims, hey, it's OK--have a field day. Now if it were about Jews...

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