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We're off to Notre Dame for the 2008-09 school year

Tomorrow my wife, Frankie, and I begin our trek to the University of Notre, where I will serve on its faculty for the 2008-2009 school year as the Mary Ann Remick Senior Visiting Fellow in Notre Dame's Center for Faith & Culture. My home institution, Baylor University, was more than generous in providing me research leave. My department chair, Michael Beaty, deservers particular thanks for his support of my work.

During my time at Notre Dame I will be working on a book critically evaluating the modern Supreme Court's epistemological assessment of religious and moral beliefs. I will bring to bear in that analysis much of what has gone on in Anglo-American philosophy of religion over the past 4 decades. Another problem I will address--something to which I alluded in my blog entry on Andrew Sullivan--is the a priori denigration of religious and moral claims by those who proudly assert that they are the guardians of liberal democracy.


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Best wishes to you at my alma mater, Francis. She's a wonderful place, and, doubtless, many fine people will surround you and support you at the Center.

That's great news, Frank. Work needs to be done on that topic.

Congrats Frank.

Congratulations, Frank. I wish that we could snag you here at Marquette University --- in theology!

Lookin forward to a little "kick-ass for Jesus" on the epistomology front!

Wake up the echoes, Frank.


This is great news - and welcome proof that those who have done everything in their power to sabotage your career *can* be beaten.


Ironically, I will remain still 90 miles from one of my most vociferous critics, the Casey Kasum of philosophy. :-)


But less than 90 miles from us. Hope to see you soon.

Adapted from a collect in the Book of Common Prayer:

"Direct Dr. Beckwith and his family, O Lord, in all their doings, with thy most gracious favor, and further them with thy continual help; that in all their works begun, continued, and ended in thee, they may glorify thy holy Name, through Jesus Christ our Lord."

Rich blessings on this season of work; may it bear much fruit for His glory.

Welcome to Notre Dame, Professor Beckwith!

There will be a lot of students and faculty thrilled to have you with us. I will be looking for notices of any talks that you will be giving while here, and hoping that I will be able to meet you myself, soon.

Again, welcome to you and your wife, Frankie, and God bless.

Fr. J. Steele, CSC
Moreau Seminary Staff
Notre Dame, Indiana

Sorry to see my posting "held for approval" didn't make it & I don't have a backup copy to repost, but may I point readers to this URL by way of consolation - my general thrust was on including other aspects of human praxeology in an epistemilogical review, not just legislaturary activism, in particular we need a "reset" or "reboot" on some of the "givens" we Americans take for granted in making value judgments in economic affairs, a far reaching are of human action in this global marketplace - buzz word FRACTALS!

www.mises.org/story/3076 (add the http://)

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