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Obama Compared Himself to Paris Hilton in 2005

From Time Magazine, February 28, 2005


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When it comes to internet sleuthing, you rock.

Thanks Mike.

How do you think I won my tenure case? ;.-)

Are you implying blackmail? Because I am totally down with that...as the young people like to say...

This almost sounds like the classic quote: "Were more popular than Jesus." ...only in reverse.

I hate it when I forget to use the apostrophe. "We're". Sister Mary Grace would slap my wrist but good.

From what has been coming out of his mouth lately, he's also making her sound like a genius.

What's your point?

This doesn't begin to mitigate the ridiculous (if genuinely funny) ads McCain is running.

I would've thought it's obvious. We're commenting on OB. That alright with you, man?

Sorry Jack. I didn't realize you were disagreeing with Obama for saying he's overexposed. You disagree with his statement, apparently? Or you consider it low for him to point it out?

It's just one vacant, under-accomplished celebrity comparing himself to another.

I was about to respond, Mike, but Michael Bauman took care of that, and succinctly, I might add. Thanks Michael.

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