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New Blog: Catholics Against Biden


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It seems to me that "Catholics against Joe Biden" would include every clear thinking Catholic in America. That's a lot of Catholics.

Unlike some on this site, I hope they all vote.

"Unlike some on this site, I hope they all vote."

With goodwill and due respect, Michael, was that necessary?

"Unlike some on this site, I hope they all vote."

Since I'm Canadian, that would be voter fraud.

Unlike some on this site, I hope they all vote.

If you'll note, not even all the founders of "Catholics Against Joe Biden" intend to vote: one of us is an active member of the McCain campaign; two of us will likely (grudgingly) vote in November (provided he doesn't select a pro-choice VP) -- and one of us has chosen to abstain.

But Catholics Against McCain is not political in that sense -- we're not formally endorsing any particular candidate. Rather, Domenico Bettinelli summed up the purpose of the blog perfectly:

Now that Biden is the vice-presidential nominee for the Democratic Party, it is time for faithful Catholics to stand up and say that we will not be pandered to, that the act of choosing someone who may sit in a pew in a Catholic church on Sunday, regardless of his public beliefs and actions, should convince us to vote for him. Likewise, I would fully expect that if John McCain chose a dissenting Catholic for his VP spot, they would get the same treatment. Neither does it mean that a non-Catholic with the same beliefs would be more palatable.

But when it’s a fellow Catholic and we’re being told that this makes it okay, then we need to stand up and say it is not.

You'll note in his introductory speech that Obama called Biden a "committed Catholic" TWICE -- as if proposing Biden as a model of what a Catholic ought to be. Speaker of the House Pelosi this past sunday described herself as an "ardent, practicing" Catholic, yet one who could publicly proclaim herself "pro-choice" in defiance of the Church.

So vote or don't vote this November -- we appreciate your support. And following the recommendation of Bishop Saltarelli, let's pray for Biden, Pelosi, Giuliani and the rest of those in public service that "they may be courageous and effective in their defense and promotion of the sanctity of human life - the foundation of all other human rights."

Yes, Laura, given that so many of those who oppose abortion on this site, and others, have said they think it is politically prudent NOT to vote, it certainly was necessary.

Somwhat off, but only slightly:

These days, Bill Vallicella discusses abortion philosophically:

Michael, To simply write that you hope everyone votes would have sufficed.

I really have a problem with using the image of the Eucharist in this way.

Yes, yes, yes, killing babies is worse... But if Biden would be desecrating the Eucharist by receiving it today, he also was last week, and nobody was too concerned about it then.

He wasn't on a Presidential ticket back then, John. This is pretty elementary. If he was in full campaign mode for the Senate right now, you might see something similar on a local scale. It's also facially untrue to say that "nobody was too concerned about it then." This is the sort of thing that gets written about daily in Catholic circles, and the whole Catholic-politicians-and-Communion controversy has been going on for ages. Singling out Biden isn't necessarily a priority every day of the week (especially when he's only one Catholic Congressional figure among many), but that doesn't mean that the issue is suddenly being conjured up out of nothing.

Yes, I know, but there seems to be a distinct spike in concern over desecration of the Eucharist in election years.

It this is really about the Eucharist, then Biden's place on the ticket wouldn't matter.

I familiar with many Catholics who call for more action against pro-abortion Catholics all the time. It's usually an election year somewhere, and that's why it's particulary annoying someone appeals to prudential public relation considerations of the timing. Bishop won't confront x pro-abortion politician? Well, it's an election year. Let's not rock the boat or people will say it's political opportunism. Ok, elections over, how about now? Hmmm...better not, as inauguration is coming and it will just look like sour grapes. Ok, how about now? Well yes, she's not running, but her allies are. And so on with the excuses.

Do Cathlics think that if Roe vs. Rade is overturned, abortion will cease? It will go to the states. The best way to stop the culture of abortion is education coupled with a positive attitude toward birth control. Thousands, perhaps millions, of abortions would have been prevented if the Catholic Church had allowed the pill or other methods of birth control. Can any theologian tell me why birth control is sinful? Scientists say there is no such thing as natural law if that will be an argument. What Pharisees you are. Pope John 23rd said one's conscience is the ultimate guide in determining one's spiritual journey. How dare anyone speak for Joe Biden's conscience?

Well, Winnie, I am not a theologian but a 53-year-old woman who has both had an abortion (1985) and used birth control. IMO, the Church is right: Both harm women. The problem with the term birth control is the word "control." It is a chemical crap shoot. You can take any form of birth control being marketed and read the "warnings" sheet that comes with any drug: Studies have shown a 98% rate of effectiveness (or 99% or 96% or whatever). Now, someone more versed in pharmaceuticals than I am could probably explain the principle involved better than myself, but essentially the non-100% rate of effectiveness means if a woman has sex using that particular contraception 100 times, her likelihood of getting pregnant is: once or twice. Wouldn't that be just about every year? And what the larger culture, led by the likes of Planned Parenthood says, is that that is called "contraceptive failure" and therefore it is OK to abort the child. A woman who uses birth control becomes, for many men, a sexual object. The procreative aspect of sex can be erased (unless, or course, contraceptive "failure" once again occurs). She can be inseminated, fertilized, and then gutted of her child. She becomes a thing to be used, not a woman who can exercise healthy and natural methods of avoiding or achieving conception (which the Church teaches). The very fact that NARAL, which pretends to be "pro-woman," accepts money from the Playboy Foundation should help you to understand that the abortion industry is, in a real sense, the toilet end of the sex industry. Do thinking women need to think twice about whether the sex industry has benefited them? Winnie: Put some time into studying the writings of people like Christopher West; google "natural family planning" or "The Creighton Model." If you really care about an answer to your question, I think you will see, with some effort and study on your part, that the Church advocates that women not be used as objects by men, but as partners in their fertility. Catholic women who don't contracept are the healthiest women I know--they are disease free, and they are fortunate to have good husbands who work *with* them on their natural cycles. Promiscuous women become slaves of sin. I know that from experience, and I am very grateful for my conversion to the Faith and the joy of freedom it has brought me.

If republicans are against abortion why didn't they do something when Bush had control of both houses? Seems to me that is just a ploy to get elected!

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