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John Edwards admits affair, and other things too.

Read about it here. Two comments by Edwards stand out as particularly loathsome:

In an interview for broadcast tonight on Nightline, Edwards told ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff he did have an affair with 44-year old Rielle Hunter, but said that he did not love her.... [emphasis added]

Edwards made a point of telling Woodruff that his wife's cancer was in remission when he began the affair with Hunter. Elizabeth Edwards has since been diagnosed with an incurable form of the disease.

Am I the only one that is bewildered by these statements? Why tell the world that you did not love a woman with whom you had an affair? Why inflict more public shame on your former mistress by announcing through the media that you in fact used her as a means to facilitate your orgasms and nothing more?

And what of his second statement, that he had this loveless recreational sexfest when his wife had regained her health? What sort of mind thinks that this caveat--his wife's recovery--somehow diminishes the wickedness of his act? If anything, it increases it. For if we juxtapose Edwards' two assertions, he is in fact claiming that he engaged in loveless sex during a juncture in time when his beloved wife was no longer burdened by an illness. So, rather than celebrating his wife's recovery by renewing their intimacy, he elected to objectify another woman, who was under his employ, for the primary purpose of facilitating his own pleasure.

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Well, considering the Bush administration's practical surrender on key cultural issues and the loose handling of his own daughters, and the obvious damage this has done to any reasonable culture of shame and decency in this country, I find it hard to get outraged at Edwards alone on this issue. Clearly, the administration invited this result. I think Jeff Maximos would agree.

I kid, Maximos, I kid. I kid because I love.

It's fortunate for the dems that they're not nominating Edwards, or someone who has a past of being maritally challenged. Too bad for the repos that they're not similarly fortunate!

I agree that it is almost impossible to figure out sometimes what the liberal hedonists among us will consider exculpatory. Edwards seems to think that the statement that he didn't love his mistress makes him look better in the eyes of the world. He reminds me of a female novelist deciding how to excuse an affair in a novel, "Hmm. Shall I spin it that the wife is a shrew, so it's excusable? Or shall I spin it that the woman he has the affair with is just so adorable that he can't resist? Or shall I spin it that he's really in love with his wife, that she's the only woman he deeply cares about, but he just has these unimportant tomcat episodes from time to time?"

I think it is completely appropriate to "call a spade a spade". I don't interpret that as trying to make himself look better, but instead honoring his wife taking responsibility for his heinous actions (who ever admits their adultery was loveless and self-serving?). Edwards' adultery was indeed a loveless objectifying of a woman and Hunter's fornication was her loveless objectifying of a man. Each pursued the other for their own self-seeking interests. I am not an Edwards fan, but I do appreciate that he did not try to "pretty up" his affair in the media AND that he confessed to his wife two years ago. An important note to make about Hunter is that she was no innocent victim. She was not some giddy school girl (at 40+ she had entered middle age, folks) and she is every bit as culpable for her participation in this betrayal of this man's marriage vows and, thus, his wife. Adultery does not involve love in any form. Adultery is, for every player, the greatest idolization of self. What's love got to do with it?

Maureen Dowd nailed him pretty good in the NYT,


"Even in confessing to preening, Edwards was preening. His diagnosis of narcissism was weirdly narcissistic, or was it self-narcissistic? Given his diagnosis, I’m sure his H.M.O. would pay."


"But the Breck Girl wants a gold star for the fact that he sent his marriage into remission when his wife was in remission. That’s special."


"Back in 2002, Edwards sent me a Ken doll dressed in bathing trunks, Rio de Janeiro Ken, with a teasing note, because he didn’t like my reference to him as a Ken doll in a column.

In retrospect, the comparison was not fair — to Ken."

Hillary Clinton thinks that had the press reported the John Edwards matter earlier, she would have carried Iowa, making her the Democratic choice for 2008. Hillary also thinks that had the press declined to report the Monica Lewinsky matter, that that may have helped her chances as well. Adulteries in Washington DC? Have you seen the prospects? Rove is hot in this berg. Monica was hot. Frankly, I believe these people could do with a lot more fiber in their diet. Castor oil might go a long was to relieve the cramping and bloating that they all must be suffering. Thanks to the Web however, we can sort it out for ourselves: http://theseedsof9-11.com

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