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"They're Planting Stories in the Press" - WWWtW Hits the National Media....

....In the July 12, 2008 Washington Times and on the Catholic News Agency (11 July 2008).

They both concern the Professor-Myers-Eucharist-desecration postings.

However, let us not forget that Christ's body was broken for us, and thus we should not think it unseemly that we find ourselves on occasion broken for him. This means that in this present case we should remember that Professor Myers, though indeed a troubled soul, is one for whom Christ died. Let us lift him up in prayer on this Feast of St. Benedict, which happens to be my 21st wedding anniversary. (How providential that my wife and I married on the Feast of St. Benedict only to be received together into the Catholic Church 20 years later under the papacy of Pope Benedict. God, indeed, has a sense of humor).

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Dear Frank,

Congratulations on your anniversary! May God give you and Frankie many more happy years together.



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