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Obamessiah Makes False Prophecy

Peter Wehner has the details on the Commentary website here.

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Speaking of Gnostic cults, how did the original prophesy as foretold by the high priests of Commentary turn-out? You know, the one about the cakewalk in Iraq.

The rival sects will each get a little something out of this debacle. Disicples of Obama will get the White House and the Perpetual Warriors will content themselves with a permanent "presence" in Iraq. The rest of us get to offer up human sacrifices to their strange gods.

Well, Kevin, dislodging Saddam was, precisely, a cake-walk. And it was a cake-walk that enjoyed huge public approval in the U.S.

On the other hand, establishing some semblance of liberal democracy in Iraq was *not* a cake-walk, and the U.S. public soon got disgusted.

Dogmatic anti-warriors tend to conflate these two projects: dislodging Saddam & establishing liberal democracy in Iraq.

That is a mistake.

It's true that the two are often conflated, but the relevance of this to Commentary is opaque - the writers associated with that magazine prophesied rather more than that overthrowing the decrepit Ba'athist regime would be a cakewalk, but that there would transpire a natural efflorescence of democratic institutional building, and so forth.

Besides, the natural linkage of the two projects is that one cannot get to democracy building unless one first overthrows the tyrant. But if one has no just cause to do that, then...

I don't follow Commentary, so for all I know, they could have made such false predictions. But Wehner isn't running for President. Obama is. So it's only sensible to vet the candidate.

Steve, if Commentary, as the neo-con flagship wants to produce an issue called; "VINDICATED - WE TOLD YOU SO!", I suggest they turn it's publication over to the editors of The Onion.

Obama is undoubtedly playing politics and practicing deception over post-Invasion Iraq, just as the neo-cons did in the pre-Invasion build-up. It is what our post-Christian ruling class does best.

I guess the only fit response to news like this, is good work if you can get it:

"Influential former Pentagon official Richard Perle has been exploring going into the oil business in Iraq and Kazakhstan, according to people with knowledge of the matter and documents outlining possible deals."

Ah, self-dealing, the modus operandi of the new caste of cosmopolitans and proconsuls. Whatever would become of civilization if men could not wage war to augment their wealth, to prise open new "entrepreneurial" opportunities?

Maximos, related to your point, may I recommend the alternatives to this rot proposed in William Cavanaugh's Being Consumed and the most recent issue of Modern Age on Cosmopolitanism. In particular, Tracey Rowland's thoughts;

I like her use of this quote by von Balthasar;
"Those who withdraw to the heights to fast and pray in silence are the pillars bearing the spiritual weight of what happens in history. Theirs is a freedom and nobility which cannot be caged and put to use. Theirs is the first of all aristocracies, source and justification of all the others, and the last yet remaining to us in an unaristocratic age."

Webb's essay was very dispiriting, and almost prompted me to leave off reading the symposium; it was an erudite tissue of recapitulated early modernist gnosticism and esotericism, which cannot but derogate from the concrete and particular. Rowland, Reno, and Shiffman, on the other hand, were entirely apposite. Then again, as one who is quite enthusiastic about Rowland's book, I'd say as much.

Indeed, that book is a keeper!

I think I'll stick up for Steve and Beckwith a little. The surge has done a lot of good, and without it the Anbar Awakening almost surely would have failed. Obama can't admit it, won't admit it, and this says something terrible about his character. That's really all there is to it. Why can't you guys admit it as well? Or are you that resistant to giving McCain credit for anything?

I already said Obama, a product of our soulless finishing schools is engaged in the repulsively cynical posturing that is the hallmark of our hollow elites. Doesn't everyone here knows his Presidency would be a terrifying triumph for the culture of death? Should he be elected, I hope his Inaguration Day is marked by the largest display of non-violent civil disobedience in our nation's history and his path to signing FOCA into law blocked by a Christian resistance so large as to threaten the very functioning of our criminal justice system.

I give McCain credit for being both a war hero and unafraid to commit his own children to the adventures dreamed up by his fellow revolutionaries. It is my hope he never gets the chance to send his, or anyone else's kids off on one of his crusades for "national greatness". To that I end, should he be elected, I hope his Inaguration Day is marked by the largest display of non-violent, civil disobedience in our nation's history.

As for the "surge"; up until yesterday's suicide bombings, violence had been reduced to the horrible level reached four(4)years ago. The Maliki government considers the Anbar Awakening a Sunni Army poised to threaten it's very existence and wants it disbanded. That either of these developments are considered works of progress merely speaks to the size and scope of the moral and strategic blunder that began with our invasions over 5 years ago.

Why can't you guys admit it as well?

So the reduction in violence and lost lives is not a work of progress? And though you are repulsed by Obama's "cynical posturing", you essentially agree with him?

I note your "invasions" is plural. How many are you talking about?

Sorry about the typo on invasion.

We have a moral obligation to do our best to restore some semblance of a civil society and a functioning government in the country we "liberated." We also must provide safe haven for all those Iraqis that worked with us the past 5 years as they face certain death upon our departure.

Had we listened to the Pope and took Just War Theory seriously we wouldn't have authored a debacle that has taken thousands of lives, cost trillions of dollars, elevated Iran as the unchecked power in the region, swollen the ranks of Jihadists, effaced the Christian presence in Iraq, and stained our national honor and prestige.

Those who have lead my country to such a dangerous and low estate should have the decency to withdraw from polemics entirely, and make some form of reparation to the families whose lives have been forever turned upside down. Failing that, their publications should be delivered wrapped in brown paper and affixed with a warning
label regarding the nature of the content.

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