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My sister's forthcoming book: How to Raise the Perfect Child Through Guilt and Manipulation

My baby sister, Elizabeth, has a book coming out next year with HarperCollins. Here's the blurb for it from Publishers Lunch Weekly:

Actress and comedienne Elizabeth Beckwith's HOW TO RAISE THE PERFECT CHILD THROUGH GUILT AND MANIPULATION, a humorous and irreverent spoof on a parenting guide that bridges the gap between funny childhood memoirs and edgy self-help manuals, in a very nice deal, to Mary Ellen O'Neillat Collins, by Frank Weimann of The Literary Group.

I've read portions of the manuscript. It is VERY funny.

Here's a video my sister made with her husband 6 years ago. It's called "Child Bride (aka `Chads Disease')":

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It was funny 'til I heard him take the living God's Name in vain.

HA-larious. Why isn't PZ Meyers working on this?

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