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Identity Theft on the Brazos?

From Rod Dreher at the Dallas Morning News blog:

Dear "Francis Cunningham:"

You may wonder why the post of yours commenting about me, and Catholic priests as child molesters, was taken down.

I took it down for taste reasons, but also because you pretended to be a well-known Baylor professor in the e-mail address you left with this post. But I knew this couldn't be that particular professor, for various reasons. So I checked your IP address against records on my Beliefnet blog, on the off chance that you'd posted there before, and what do you know, I've found out your name, that you are a Baylor alum, and the name of the McKinney Ave. law firm where you work.

You are welcome to post on this blog, guy, and we won't even ask your real name. But you have no right to assume the identity of someone else (in this case, a Baylor professor whose views you have openly opposed). You might want to think about that before coming around here again.

And, regarding your views on Catholic priests, you are mistaken that a) I am still a Catholic, and b) that all Catholic priests are child molesters. But that's okay. Judging by your picture on your firm's website, I imagine people misjudge you as a stand-up guy.

I've been iJacked!

Comments (2)

Whoa. That's not cool at all.

I guess it's not hard to guess which Baylor professor he was imitating.

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