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What Bill Safire said.....

in 1996 is probably true, especially after you see this CBS report:

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Yoiks. You'd think she would have learned a thing or two from Kerry.

How does one know that a politician is lying? Her lips are moving.

I'm not sure Hillary knows she is lying, Bill certainly never knows when he is.
In any case this won't matter to that rag tag group known as the base.

Standards differ, we had a dust up over McCain's remark that al-queda is in Iraq, quick, somebody take a census. Feverish concern over his real ability and experience swamped the bastions of media wisdom, the unlettered must be made to know.

I give the Hillary story just a little more shelf life than her claim to be named after the mountain climber, before he climbed the mountain. And so it goes.

And here I was, beginning to soften on her as Obama's troubles kept her out of the limelight for a week. Then she has to open her mouth and ruin it.

This story has been out on the blogs (including newsbusters.org) for weeks. Only now, however, does the Media deign to focus upon it. Apparently, the Anointed One (Obama) is getting roughed up a bit too much for their liking so it is time to alter the public debate. I find it sickening how selective and agenda driven the MSM can be with the "news" ....

Oh, gosh. The woman is _so_ truth-challenged.

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