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New Website for Pope's Visit: Pope2008.com

Just click the picture, and you will be transported to Pope2008.com. (Full disclosure: That's a cardboard cut-out of Pope Benedict XVI. My wife took the photo while we are at the meeting of the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) at which I spoke in January)

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I've got an old photo like that of myself with a Ronald-Reagan cutout, but I truly covet having one with a B16. It would go right onto my blog!

BTW, Prof. Beckwith, I once taught philosophy myself, and posted about your conversion here last year. It provoked some reaction from Carl Trueman and Rick Phillips.


Nevertheless, the Pope looks happy to see you.

I actually thought it was real the first time I saw it. :-)

I’m praying that the pope will make you his leading ethicist. If I’m wrong, correct me, but you seem to be the person the pope needs. In fact, you have written the best pro-life book there is!!! If I’m right about this, I pray that others agree with me.

(continued from above)
I have written to Judith Jarvis Thomson and Janet E. Smith about your writing and teaching in regards to ethics. Thomson (in particular) should know about your high level of academic scholarship (she should know about your new book on elective abortion). There is not any reason you (Francis Beckwith) should not be advising at the highest levels!!

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