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University of Notre Dame in 2008-09

I will be spending next school year on the faculty of the University of Notre Dame as the Mary Ann Remick Senior Visiting Fellow in the Notre Dame Center for Ethics & Culture. I was offered it two weeks ago, and formally accepted it on Monday of this week. I am deeply grateful to Baylor University, my department chair, my dean, and the university provost for allowing me to take this research respite in such an idyllic setting.

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Mr. Beckwith,

I know you don't know me, but I still wanted to say congratulations on your opportunity at Notre Dame. Perhaps while you are there you can say "hi" to Mark Noll, who was a professor at Wheaton College while I was there. I don't think he would remember me, on the other hand, I did work with his wife Maggie in the Buswell Library.

Anyways, congratulations!!


Prof. Beckwith,

Welcome to Notre Dame, and congratulations!

Congratulations, Frank. This is terrific news indeed. I am confident your year at Notre Dame will be memorable and profitable for you and for the university. They have made a good choice, and so have you.

You will enjoy Father J. Steele, CSC. I am his unworthy co-blogger over at Per Christum. Good man, good priest!

Well done & congratulations! This is great news.

The Midwest will welcome you, Frank.

Wake up the echoes, Frank.

Enjoy the new scenery. Say hi to Max and Bobcat for me.

Congratulations Mr. Beckwith! You and Notre Dame, a perfect marriage made in Heaven. At last, Fr. R. McBrien will learn what orthodox Catholic theology is from the brilliant Beckwith. Blessings!

Wow! Congratulations, Frank! Your Notre Dame appointment is well-deserved. I hope you and Frankie will enjoy your stay there.



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