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Greetings from Waco, Texas

It is truly an honor to be a contributor to What's Wrong With the World. Readers of the blogs Right Reason and Southern Appeal may remember me from those venues, which have since ceased their operations. I hope to post entries on WWTW that are not unlike those I posted on RR and SA.

Thank you, Paul Cella and Todd McKimmey.

And a warm hello to RR's Steve Burton and Lydia McGrew, both of whom are scary smart.

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Geez, now whaddo I say?

But welcome, Frank! I've gotta go scurry now and get my introductory post up. Didn't know you were ready to roll yet!

You are very welcome here, Frank. We are very glad to have you as one of our contributors.

Welcome, Frank!

Wow, I'm not comfortable with the familiar form of address, even on a blog. I recall reading a collection of essays that you edited, for a course in bioethics in the Fall of 1996 - perhaps an early edition of The Abortion Controversy? Familiar address makes me feel like an impertinent whippersnapper.

Again, welcome. I'm looking forward to reading your posts.

Good to see you here!

I briefly talked to you after your lecture at CU-Boulder earlier this year.

And welcome to you, Dr. Beckwith. This site will profit much from your presence.

My only caveat is that Steve and Lydia are smart, but they don't scare me.

Indeed, let me join in the welcome.

(If people of this caliber keep moving in here I'm not gonna be able to afford the rent!)

Welcome aboard, Dr. Beckwith.

(I'll reduce the rent by 50% for you, Zippy.)

Yes, happy to see you over here Dr. Beckwith.

Welcome Dr. Beckwith. Let's cut to the chase, throw us a bone with some meat on it: what would you do?

Gee, Gintas, you don't waste time giving people a simple warm welcome, do you?

Oh, c'mon Lydia. Going through that thread _is_ a proper introduction. Or maybe a better way of saying is "counting the cost".

Welcome indeed, although you make it sound as if any blog that allows you on board is jinxed . . . :)

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